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  • January 2023 Performances

    Here’s a clip of Banana Sling Boy live at The Mint on January 7, 2023 And here’s a clip of Soul Sandwich Eclipse live at Sassafras Saloon in Hollywood on January 27, 2023

  • Video

    Enjoy this video of us playing Soul Sandwich Eclipse at Third Wheel in Hollywood 😊 Click HERE to find the studio version and add it to your favorite playlist peace and love

  • New to Magenta Moon?

    New to Magenta Moon?

    Welcome to the party! Magenta Moon is a surf band comprised of Joey (guitar & vocals) and Elaina (bass & vocals). We write, record and produce all of our music together. Magenta Moon is a creative space where we can heal and express ourselves. We have two albums out right now: Rapid When It Happens…

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