New to Magenta Moon?

Welcome to the party! Magenta Moon is a surf band comprised of Joey (guitar & vocals) and Elaina (bass & vocals). We write, record and produce all of our music together.

Magenta Moon is a creative space where we can heal and express ourselves.

We have two albums out right now: Rapid When It Happens (2020) and I Brushed My Teeth; Let’s Make Love (2021). You can find these on any and all streaming platforms (YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, BandCamp, Deezer, Tidal).

We wrote the eleven songs that make up Rapid When It Happens on guitar and vocals. Joey would find some riffs on the guitar, and Elaina would type up lyrics to his sounds. We got into a great groove with this process and this album was a great opportunity for us to develop our co-production style. Joey’s engineering knowledge and Elaina’s gift for arranging pair well throughout the production process. This album was a fun experiment and a great chance to turn the confusion and worry of 2020 into a self-healing device.

I Brushed My Teeth; Let’s Make Love came out of us more effortlessly. While we were finishing up the hours and hours of producing and engineering Rapid, we both had day jobs, and Joey would make a beat as a present for Elaina. When she got home from work, she’d listen and write some lyrics and then top-line. This helped us have fun while we finished our first album, and it’s a great example of our electronic styling.

Magenta Moon at Eastside Bar and Grill in Portland, 2022

We’ve released a single video for our new album Paul Rudd’s Robot Girlfriend (PRRG). The song is called “Liquid Heaven” and our video was featured in Dope Cause We Said. We wrote PRRG in a very punk, one-off, low-maintenance style. We started a project where we were recording 2-3 songs a day. It was a bit exhausting, but we had so much fun! It helped us let go of our egos and just write what we needed. We have yet to set a release date for this album, but we’ll be sure to keep the site updated.

Magenta Moon at Zen Awakening Festival in Orlando, 2021

We are currently writing our fourth album, which we are hoping will be our first studio album. If you’re interested in helping support this venture or have ideas, please reach out to us!

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